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Lisa-Jayne Lewis is a commentator and broadcaster at the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She is host of the Unofficial Alternative Online Commentary along with BAFTA nominated broadcaster Ewan Spence and is the Eurovision correspondent for Radio Six International providing daily shows and the live preshow in the hour before the contest in 2017. Ewan and Lisa-Jayne, along with Ana Filipa Rosa, were the live commentators for the USA radio broadcast of the Grand Final in 2018 from Lisbon, Portugal.
Together with Ewan, Lisa-Jayne is also entering her third year as the host and commentator for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, broadcasting on Radio Six International as an official broadcasting partner of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and syndicated out to radio stations across the English speaking world. 
Lisa-Jayne first became aware of the Song Contest in 1991 and became an avid fan in 1992. . She began to study the show in great depth and base…

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